Sasquatch #004

We have now come up with a way to keep track of all these squatchies. Each one is going to be numbered, starting with the original Squatchy being #000. Numbers 001 - 010 are going to be my Sasquatches that I'm keeping and the Etsy shop will start with Sasquatch #011.

Here is Squatchy #004 becoming friends with Hagrid.

Hello Hagrid.
Squatchy is shy.
It's okay little Squatchy...
Hagrid wants to be friends. 

Hagrid and Squatchy are BFFs.

The End.


The Adventures of Sasquatch

This is an account of the first adventures of Squatchy. I made this little guy for my aunt. He is the original Sasquatch. All sasquatches that follow are a result of Squatchy. My Sasquatch and Yeti Etsy shop will be up soon and you can check here for more adventures of Squatchy and his other sasquatch and yeti pals.

Squatchy and the Birdie

Squatchy sees birdie.

Squatchy likes birdie.

Birdie is yummy.

Squatchy and the Borg Ship

This is the Borg Ship

Squatchy touches the Borg Ship

Hello Borg Ship

Squatchy likes you.

You now belong to Squatchy.

Squatchy and the President

Hello Mr. President....

....Squatchy sees you.

Oh, What a Lovely Tree

Oh, what a lovely tree you have.

Wait, what's that over there?

It's Squatchy!!!

Squatchy and the Moose


Squatchy sees you.

Hello Mr. Moose.

Squatchy wants to be your friend.

Mmm.. Moose. Nom, nom, nom.

The End